I Am The Matrix

Can you feel it?

The change that's coming....

We've already created REALITY 2.0 and it's out there waiting for us.

It's another version of humanity.

A humanity that lives in flow with natural law, focused on potential instead of our past. Cooperation and collaboration instead of competition.

We are re-membering...

Re-membering who we are, and why we are here.

We are not separate, skin encapsulated egos.

We are the most sophisticated biotech in the universe and every atom in our body is intimately connected to every atom in the universe. We are re-membering.

We are energy.
We are information.
We are the hero, the heroin, the villain, the vanquished as well as the plot and the author of the script.

This is the time!

The time to step into our greatness!

The time to unpack our shadows, level up to our potential, organize our intelligence, optimize our mind(s) and raise our cups to the stars!

Our dreams are out there looking for us…

… let’s bring them home!

Launch Date: June 21st 2022 (Summer Solstice)

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